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Thanks to our friends at PhamiWeb.Jobs you get lifetime access, plus two months of CareerJay premium membership for just €7.99. After two months your subscription renews monthly and you authorise us to charge your payment method on file the €7.99 monthly fee until you cancel. You may cancel your subscription at any time from the settings area of your account

Francis Crick said:

'There is no scientific study more vital to man than the study of his own brain'

Use CareerJay to Show Them What You're Made Of

And get access to our team and resources to get you the best results for your career and your bank account

Take assessments and work with a facilitator to see which roles you’re going to thrive in. Help hiring managers see what you’re capable of by having a kickass CV and online profiles. Work with one of our coaches to blow their mind with your interview technique. Use our negotiation courses to get paid what you’re really worth. And keep perfecting your approach so you achieve your most ambitious goals. Because you deserve an amazing career that really works for you and your life

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How CareerJay Works

How you can build your wellbeing, skills and journeys on the go

  • Access our soft skills assessment and use the report with your CV
  • Brainstorm with a human
  • Take blended soft-skills learning courses at four levels
  • Work one-to-one with a tutor
  • Attend virtual and physical events
  • Utilise our work and wellbeing library
  • Control your data through strict privacy controls
  • Get support with personal branding, so you can be seen for the jobs you want
  • Work with us to create training and development goals so you can control your own future
  • Have 24/7 support from people who care what happens to you now and next
  • Continue to build your career plan
  • Access six ways to wellbeing: active; connect; give; learn; mindful; and financial
  • Work. with a wellbeing and/or career coach
  • Access facilitated learning journeys
  • Take and record completion of mandatory learning journeys; like health and safety, GDPR and anti bribery
  • Receive sponsorship via a personal wallet
  • Help sponsor under and unemployed people who need a hand up
  • Create a SMART work plan, so you have direction and a clear plan of how to get the role you want
  • Listen to inspirational people talk about what it's like to be exquisitely human
  • Open up a world of possibilities
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  • Unlimited free calls with experts
  • Hundreds of THINK level learning courses
  • Career coaches
  • Interview coaching
  • CV and profile writing
  • Career development journeys
  • Wellbeing support
  • Meditations
  • Soft skills support
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Save up to 90% with PharmiWeb.Jobs

PharmiWeb.Jobs are working together with CareerJay to ensure you get that job. Access our team and resources to get you the best results for your career and your bank account. Get two months of CareerJay for just €7.99 - a saving of €37.99. The first 30 subscribers will also get a free facilitated assessment, giving you thirty minutes with one of our amazing humans, who will interpret your results with you - giving you a further saving of €35, taking your total saving to €72.99; a whopping 90% discount