give yourself a gift and realise your full potential

Our thinking

"Sometimes our greatest gifts are those we've yet to unlock"

Outside of your mother, no one cares about your career like you do

You want respect, you want to be of service, you want to do something meaningful and you want to be paid appropriately. Ultimately you want to be happy

But how do you know what you’re really awesome at and how do you get everyone else (apart from your mother – who knew all along) to know that too? Welcome to CareerJay! The first platform created with you, your wellbeing, your ongoing employability and your happiness in mind. We are on a mission to ban Sunday night blues and thank goodness it’s Friday sentiments and help you create a work life you don’t want to run headlong into weekends to get away from. We have put together solutions and opportunities we think are going to make your difference. But this isn’t our platform; it’s yours - tell us if you need more

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About You

Everything’s tailored towards wellbeing, personal growth, ongoing employability and an enriched life

CareerJay leverages 90+ years in the career industry, everything we've learned plus international research on the future of work. We are driven to help you achieve respect, purpose and happiness at work. Together we can get you there

Knowing your options

As the robots rise and automation takes hold, you want to know where you fit in this new world and how you’re going to keep a roof over your head if the jobs in your industry diminish or disappear entirely. Change brings opportunity. Knowing your strengths allows you to see what could be next

Increasing your essential skills

What sets us apart from machines and each other is our soft skills. Things like emotional intelligence, creativity and the ability to dance make us exquisitely human. Increasing our learning, verifying our skill levels and self-development are key to finding work that makes us happy

The human touch

The thing you've told us the most is how much you want to speak to someone. A real live human being, with experience of wellbeing or the career industry. A person who has an eye on the future and the time and interest to understand you well enough to give you informed support

Exploring your possibilities

Companies are looking for the right people to help them meet their business goals. Understanding their drivers, their culture and how you might fit into direct teams and the wider organisation helps you make informed choices about when and which way to go

Focus on your wellbeing

Being well underpins everything in life and without it we will always struggle to achieve our full potential. Take time for you and bolster your resilience against financial setbacks, periods of inactivity and moments of immense stress

Maximising your potential

Ultimately you want respect, to be listened to, seen and understood. And you want to do good work, work that means something, work that makes you feel alive. Work you want to get out of bed for. And we want to support you to do that