If You're a Business

We’re a privately owned company based in Ireland

Having a background in the career industry we saw a massive need for individually focused services, that enable a person to manage their career and navigate their journey through the world of work

Everyone at CareerJay has a background in engaging, developing and leading teams of people. Individually and collectively we have a long track record in helping individuals reach their career goals and work ambitions

Please talk to us about personalisation services you would like by contacting us at business@careerjay.com; there are a range of ways we can personalise the platform and content to suit your organisational needs, including hosting your events and learning material

Each person’s profile belongs individually to them. If there’s content you have personalised within CareerJay, leaving your organisation would revoke their access to that, along with sponsored membership and any additional funding you make available to your colleagues via their wallet

Aspects of CareerJay personal to the member, would remain theirs to take with them through life

Yes, you can frontload any budget you want for your colleagues – and this can vary from colleague to colleague. With the flexibility for you to decide whether they can spend their budget autonomously throughout the CareerJay platform. Or within the areas you specify

Your colleague’s data and their experience on CareerJay is theirs and theirs alone

In some instances, when you sponsor your colleagues through a particular course or event, you might ask them to let you know an aspect of what they’ve done (or are doing). Mostly to ensure uptake of your initiative. If that is the case your colleagues will know in advance, and have the option to discuss their ability to opt out of any data sharing, with you directly

We’re always looking for content that fits with our philosophy to supply soft-skills blended learning. We have a wide and diverse global network of content creators and our internal team constantly scan to see where there may be gaps or the opportunity to increase our catalogue

We then use a combination of internal and member moderation to ensure we maintain a high standard of relevant courses

Our learning material is divided into four categories: Think, Be, Rise and Exceed

A ‘Think’ level course provides a broad awareness of a subject within a modern working environment and fundamental skills to enable your colleague to become competent

A ‘Be level course provides a more detailed examination of a subject and enables your colleague to discover key skills at work

A ‘Rise’ level course provides a focussed examination along with practical experience of a subject and enables your colleague to discover, examine and practice advanced skills at work

An ‘Exceed’ level course provides facilitated, expert led study of a subject and enables your colleague to develop, critically analyse, and practice expert skills with other learners of the same calibre

All the Think level courses - which is at least half of our learning catalogue - spread across the ten soft skill categories, are included within sponsored membership

Our assessments cover a broad range of insights into personal and group behaviours that influence people's performance. Some of the assessments are gamified, making them compatible with colleagues who have different processing styles

CareerJay assessments have been carefully and diligently researched and constructed from the work of many scholars, writers and widely experienced practitioners who, collectively, built up the body of cutting-edge psychometric assessments

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) is the future of assessment due to the recognised benefits of speed, accuracy, and colleague experience

Compared to fixed form tests, CATs provide a comparable level of accuracy in roughly half the number of questions. This means that CATs can be completed in half the time, without sacrificing precision

Because CATs employ question banks, new questions are added on an ongoing basis, keeping the content fresh, relevant, and engaging. This means that CATs are constantly and consistently improved over time

We have a stringent selection process. Initially we approached experienced, well respected people to offer them the opportunity to become a Luminary. They then referred us to their friends and colleagues. As word gets out more and more Luminaries approach us to apply

All of our Luminaries have a minimum of €1 million of professional indemnity insurance, which we verify as part of our Luminary application process

All our Luminaries are subject to member feedback. Which we continuously review to ensure the best member outcomes

We know the strengths and experience of all our Luminaries. Once a member tells us their question or need, we use our Computerised Human Resource Identification System to match them with our Luminary who’s best able to help them

Research suggests there are ten key skills critical to managing the changing work landscape. They are: cognitive flexibility; complex problem solving; coordinating with others; creativity; critical thinking; emotional intelligence; judgment and decision making; negotiation; people management; and service orientation

As an Irish company, we are fully compliant with GDPR, which is currently the most stringent and comprehensive data protection regulation in the world

It is our intention to ensure we always give you the strongest level of data protection, so we will always comply with the highest recommended global regulation

We utilise services provided by AWS and Google, for the storage of data