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As a premium member, you can study unlimited think courses, and benefit from premium member pricing on every other chargeable area of the platform

Dependent on what you’re looking to achieve, you might want to start by exploring some of the courses we have in Incredemy; particularly as all the Think level courses are included in your membership - providing you with a broad awareness of any of the subjects within a modern workplace along with fundamental skills to enable you to become competent

You may also want to check out which Events you’re interested in attending

Book a free call with one of our Luminaries to discuss any work related questions you might have

And access the support we can provide you with through our six areas of Wellbeing: active; connect; finance; give; learn; and mindful

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Your dashboard is a quick snapshot of your activity on CareerJay. It shows what you’re doing and things you’ve bookmarked. If you want to easily retrieve anything on the platform, xxxx will make it appear on your dashboard

Clicking something within your dashboard will automatically take you back to that item

To sign up, simply browse our list of courses and find one that meets your interests and or needs. Click on the course to enter it; on the right-hand side there’s then a button to purchase the course

This will take you to our payment system and once complete will redirect you to the course you’ve just bought

We allow you to see a brief description of the course before you purchase it; this should give you all the information you need. We’ve also categorised our courses in to four levels: Think, Be, Rise and Exceed

A ‘Think’ level course provides a broad awareness of a subject within a modern workplace and fundamental skills to enable you to become competent

A ‘Be level course provides a more detailed examination of a subject and enables you to discover key skills within a workplace

A ‘Rise’ level course provides a focussed examination of a subject and enables you to discover, examine and practice advanced skills within a workplace

An ‘Exceed’ level course provides facilitated, expert led study of a subject and enables you to develop, critically analyse, and practice expert skills with other learners of the same calibre

To find all your courses, simply click on 'My Courses' under the Incredemy dropdown on the lefthand navigation menu. From here you’ll see all the courses you’ve enrolled in and the progress you’ve made through them

If your company’s paid for you to take a course, it should be present on your dashboard. If this is not the case, then please raise a concern with incredemy@careerjay.com

While you may be asked to purchase the course, your Premium Member privileges will be applied at the checkout and you will not be billed for it

We believe learning can and should happen whenever and wherever you need it. To enable this, all our systems are designed to work on mobile devices as well as, if not better than, laptops or traditional desktop computers

We test all our systems across multiple devices and brands to ensure you achieve the best learning experience

Our assessments cover a broad range of insights into personal and group behaviours that influence people's performance. The assessments are ipsative, which means they can be used to compare your progression over time

Your assessment is your own personal guide to highlight your preferences and behaviours. Often we operate on ‘auto-pilot’, not consciously knowing why we’re making the choices we do, or why others are selecting, or not selecting us for certain roles and promotions. Your assessments allow you to go under your own hood to get a greater understanding of yourself and what others see

Working with a Luminary to facilitate the results can bring even more clarity and some accountable action points

CareerJay assessments use cutting-edge predictive data science and allow you to benefit from decades of research through our psychometric test tools

For improved diversity and inclusion, all our tests have been optimised to achieve industry-beating low adverse impact

The assessments will not tell you specific jobs you should be working, or looking to work in. However, when you look at job descriptions and match them against your behaviours you’ll start to see obvious, natural-fit, pathways

For example, if you demonstrate a higher preference for social reward than material reward, doing something with a social impact is going to be more important to you than salary. Conversely, a job without any social relevance is going to feel hollow and meaningless, especially over time

Your assessments – along with all your information on CareerJay – belong to you. You have the option to put your assessment results on your public profile. And outside of that, you’re entitled, as with anything you own, to share your findings with who you want

If you decide to ask a Luminary to facilitate your assessment results, you will be asked to give permission for them to see the results of the assessment in question

No, there’s nothing to worry about. Not only are your assessments private, there are no good or bad results

Because many of our assessments are behavioural - and behaviours can change and often depend on situations - we recommend you redo your assessments after you’ve had pivotal shifts in learning, or life, to take stock of any changes

Your initial call with a particular luminary is free

Your free call is a value-packed, information-laden conversation with one of our Luminaries, aimed at helping you navigate your current work-related questions, issues and challenges

Your Luminary has set aside an hour. You may not want or need that long. But we’ve set aside that amount of time ‘just in case…’

The primary goal of a Luminary is to help you with work-related or wellbeing questions, issues and challenges. If there are impacting factors from other areas of your life, you can discuss those too

We know work doesn’t happen in isolation of life, so if there are impacting factors from other areas of your life, you can discuss those too. Although the primary goal should be work or wellbeing focused

If you need more time with a Luminary than a free call allows, or if you know you want to embark on a body of work with one of our Luminaries, this is possible. That would become a chargeable service, which you can agree – both in terms of deliverables and investment – with the Luminary in question

Luminary is the name we give our humans. All of our luminaries are experienced career coaches, facilitators, personal branding experts or wellbeing specialists

We have a stringent selection process. Initially we approached experienced, well respected people to offer them the opportunity to become a luminary. They then referred us to their friends and colleagues. As word gets out more and more luminaries approach us to apply

Everyone and anyone. Organisations hire Luminaries to improve teamwork and help managers. Individuals hire Luminaries to improve their career, their wellbeing, and their general happiness

We know the strengths and experience of all our Luminaries. Once you tell us your question or need, we use our Computerised Human Resource Identification System to match you with our Luminary who’s best able to help you

Data is also collated from registration and profile information we hold

Wisdom matching eliminates the stress and dilemma of having to choose from a long (boring) directory of people you don't know. We offer a free call for you to talk about what's important to you, your aims and ambitions, and the help you require to: achieve at work; balance your life; and or optimise your mental health and wellbeing

Should you decide one call is not enough you can speak to your luminary about the ongoing help they may be able to provide

The nature, outcomes and benefits of working with a Luminary are set by you. What do you want? In what aspects? Speak to a Luminary about how they can support you to achieve your best self and let them help you get there

Let us know at tell-us@careerjay.com and we will rematch you with a new Luminary. Include any information in your email that will help us do better, either by telling us why you don’t get on with your Luminary or what would create a better match for you

Sometimes, particularly in coaching, we have to be open to doing things outside our comfort zone to make the much wanted changes in our life – do what you’ve always done and you get what you always got… if it’s too hard and you feel what’s being asked of you is unhelpful or unnecessary, please let your Luminary know. If you can’t, or don’t want to, resolve it directly with your Luminary, let us know at tell-us@careerjay.com

Quite simply, coaching is a widely recognised and powerful way of helping you to explore your defined goals or ambitions and then achieve them

Coaching isn’t a tool for managing 'poor performance' and isn’t a 'corrective tool' used only when things have gone wrong

The answer is yes, most probably. Coaching is a development tool and a means of realising your full potential in life and in the workplace; think how sports professionals reach their best results by being coached and shift sports to career (or wellbeing). A coach could help you by offering an external, objective and constructive perspective of your situation

That depends on your career journey and your vision for yourself. You may be seeking to improve your time management to achieve all you want from your career and life. You may be at a career crossroads or going for a promotion. You may be looking to reduce your stress levels and achieve balance. There are many reasons to benefit from coaching – coaching is an investment in yourself and your wellbeing. In short, coaching is a perk, not a punishment

There are many coaching styles used to address different situations and to direct a coaching session. Depending on your goals and how you wish to achieve these, a coach will assess your individual needs and wants, and determine a coaching style from there

Coaching sessions will typically last between 45 minutes and 60 minutes (depending on the coach). Often after an initial assessment – always offered as a free call, the sessions can be conducted over the phone, or via a video based virtual forum. Team coaching is mostly carried out in group sessions, generally organised by employers for their employees, sometimes including team building techniques

The term ‘career coach’ encompasses a range of areas. Within these areas, a coach may choose to hone in on a specific topic such as: health and wellbeing; work relationships; development; and or change and transition; developing leadership skills; enhancing decision-making; increasing confidence; and assessing your work/life balance

Business coaches have expertise in the business world and therefore choose to coach individuals or groups looking to achieve their career goals and excel in business. This could include employees, teams, entrepreneurs, company owners, junior and senior managers and CEOs. Business coaches utilise structure, impartiality and acquired expertise to help people explore their strengths, build on their weaknesses and learn new techniques to help them excel in their fields

Wellbeing coaching is a powerful way of helping you explore and define your wellbeing goals or ambitions and then achieve them

Wellbeing support can be one-to-one or group tips, actions, programs and accountability in any of our six wellbeing areas: active; connect; finance; give; learn; and mindful

If there are things you're not currently achieving or you'd like to feel better in some area of your life, wellbeing support or coaching can help you

If you want to investigate possibilities book a free call with one of our Luminaries

Wellbeing support and or coaching can help you identify solutions, tools, techniques and processes to help you feel fitter, better and more able to tackle all of lifes highs and lows head on

The price you can expect to pay for coaching depends on a range of different factors

  • Individual or group coaching, business, career or wellbeing coaching
  • Complexity of your needs - if you're hiring a business coach to come in and help you reorganise your multinational corporation, it's going to cost you more than needing a short session for improvement with individual presentation skills or your financial wellbeing
  • The experience of the coach and area of expertise

Personal branding is anything that helps to market you as an individual. It could be: a personal website; a social media profile; your social media presence in its entirety; and or a CV

Techniques that help increase your 'footprint' and contribute to your personal branding include: writing for magazines, websites and newspapers; speaking at events; hosting or being a guest on a podcast; interviews; and TV or video appearances

If you are looking to be better known within your organisation, your industry, your territory or for your passions, personal branding can help you

Personal branding will start to define you as a name within the area you wish to highlight and amplify your audience and their understanding of you, your knowledge, your capabilities and your expertise

Personal branding will give you a bigger footprint in your area: organisation; industry; territory; or passion focus. In effect making you more 'famous'. As a result you're more likely to be contacted about new and different opportunities, including being offered promotions, requests to write, speak or be interviewed and be quoted within the media

Facilitation is support to learn something. Often delivered via a group setting, you can work with a facilitator to understand and take action on an assessment or to enhance learning journeys

If you're looking to advance your learning, either about yourself or on a specific subject, utilising facilitated sessions can help you. These are typically offered as a group option, which also gives you the benefit of peer support and interaction, increasing learning and understanding

Working with a facilitator is two-fold. You get the benefits of working with someone who knows how to help you get the best out of what you're doing

When it's group facilitation you also get the benefit of peer feedback, interaction and inclusion, which has been proven to exponentially increase learning and your engagement with the subject in question

Meditation has no negative side effects, so it’s safe to do the videos as often as you like. As a rule of thumb, having a daily meditation practice is beneficial to physical and mental health

Stress and depression can be linked to many things, not least diet, exercise and sleep patterns. If you are feeling stressed and or depressed it is worth considering some lifestyle changes to ensure you’re getting enough sleep, you’re well hydrated and you have a nutrient rich (preferably) organic diet

Other key factors known to help are having a daily meditation practice and helping others; not because seeing others in worse situations makes us take stock of our blessings – although that may be true. But because giving to others creates chemical reactions in our own body, releasing within us a cocktail of happy hormones which make us feel, well… happy

The dictionary defines wellbeing as the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. We would say it also includes your fulfillment of long-term goals, your sense of purpose and a feeling of being in (some degree) of control of your life

As the World Health Organisation states, it’s not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

There are many causes for sleeplessness. Not least having an idea you won’t be able to sleep

Some simple remedies to try are: doing more regular exercise; practicing yoga; journaling; meditation; having at least one full tech-free hour before you go to bed (and turn off your router); showering before you go to bed; sniffing lavender; avoiding caffeine after midday; turning off the lights (consider fitting blackout blinds); and making chamomile tea your evening go-to drink

The World Health Organisation says ‘Mental health is not just the absence of mental disorder. It is defined as a state of wellbeing in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community’

Work related stress is dealing with an excess of demands in the workplace that exceed your ability to cope. You can experience both mental and physical effects as a result

Most of our articles are evergreen, which means the content within them doesn’t quickly or easily date. If you’re worried something you’ve read might not be current tell-us@careerjay.com

We’d love to hear your thoughts on future articles, let us know at tell-us@careerjay.com

At the moment we don’t have an alert service, but it’s something we’re considering putting into our future development plans

You can bookmark an unlimited number of articles. Click the bookmark icon at the top of an article and it will appear on the top right section of your library

We are currently building the functionality that will allow you to start conversations about anything that interests you; including an article you’ve read. Watch out for the forum icon in the menu list to the left of your dashboard to go live

You can submit articles you’ve written. We don’t pay for articles but, subject to them meeting our editorial criteria – which is primarily centred around non-abusive, non-threatening writing - we would be happy to publish them. To submit something for editorial review, please email editor@careerjay.com

We have an extensive events calendar with different events being run all the time. In many instances a recording will be made available after the event. In some cases, an event will be re-run at regular or semi-regular intervals. For more information on a specific event you’d like to attend on an alternative date, please contact tell-us@careerjay.com

Some of our events are run by us and some are run by our Luminaries

Many of the events on CareerJay have companion events, courses, articles and activities. These will be signposted for you at the end of the event, or you can email us at tell-us@careerjay.com and ask for follow up suggestions to the event you enjoyed

From within your account, click the events tab, which will allow you to browse our events. CLicking a specific event will then give you the opportunity to reserve (if the event is free) or purchase (if it's paid for) your event ticket

Come back at the alloted date and time to join the event

All events are recorded, so if you’re unable to attend an event for any reason, you will have full unlimited access to the recording

In some circumstances, we may be able to transfer your ticket to another, comparable event. Ask us by email at tell-us@careerjay.com

Photos and videos need to be under 15 megabytes in size. A photo should be in jpg, jpeg or png format, and your video should be in mp4 format

If you are using the above size and format guidelines and still can't upload a photo or video to an area of the platform that allows photo or video uploads, please email us at tell-us@careerjay.com

If you're not receiving messages from your Luminary, please email us at tell-us@careerjay.com

If you can't access learning or event products you've bought, please email us at tell-us@careerjay.com

If you're having problems making or processing payment, please email us at tell-us@careerjay.com

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We take great care of your data and only use it to enhance your experience of our platform. We do not share or sell anything you tell us with third parties, election campaigns or the internet at large

At the moment our service is only available via our platform. There are plans to build an app, but we don’t have any dates to share with you yet

CareerJay provide an end-to-end career management and personal development platform to help you manage anything work related, no matter where you are in your career journey, wherever you are in the world

As an Irish company, we are fully compliant with GDPR, which is currently the most stringent and comprehensive data protection regulation in the world

It is our intention to ensure we always give you the strongest level of data protection, so we will always comply with the highest recommended global regulation

No, we will never sell your data. Having a subscription membership means we never even have to consider that as a form of revenue

Your data and your experience on CareerJay is yours and yours alone

In some instances, when your employer sponsors you through a particular course or event, they might ask you to let them know an aspect of what you’ve done (or are doing). Mostly to ensure uptake of their initiative. If that is the case you will know in advance, and have the option to discuss your ability to opt out of any data sharing, with your employer directly

We are always here to hear your feedback, needs, wants and desires. Please email us at tell-us@careerjay.com to receive support about any aspect of our platform or service