Exquisitely Human

A daily chance to meet someone new

Our goal

"To remove bias, one person at a time"

Meet someone (probably) not like you and hear their story

Learning more about people helps you respect their difference and value their ability to be exquisitely human©

We all have preconceptions about people who are different to us in some way; that could be because of their lifestyle choices, a diagnosis, disability, social status, their ethnicity or their beliefs. But - and I’m sure this has happened to you - when we speak to them and really get under the skin of who they are, we realise we have more in common than we would have first thought

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Watch some of our recent episodes

We've spoken to some amazing people and heard some fascinating things from individuals who are definitely exquisitely human

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The decision to have brain surgery or to live with epilepsy

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Drug addiction, prison and life with a criminal record

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The extraordinary change between Mother and Daughter following the onset of dementia