your people are your biggest asset... and your biggest challenge

Our vision

"To prepare people for the future of work"

The winners will be the companies that can attract, engage and retain talent

Finding people, inspiring them, keeping them engaged – they were the problems of previous times; and they were tough enough

But now you’ve also got to reskill and upskill your people to keep pace with the future of work, manage remote and hybrid working, integrate new leadership initiatives and ensure your people feel respected, no matter what the world throws at us next. No industry is immune to disaster; 52% of fortune 500 companies have disappeared in the last 19 years. CareerJay’s solution encompasses • premium membership • employee wallets • OKRs • employer branding options • employee engagement options • employee retention services • individual & team assessments • autonomous soft-skills learning hub • mandatory learning • social value campaigns • EDI hiring solutions • human capital consulting • plus so much more. And in case that wasn’t enough good news, recruitment agencies are forbidden on CareerJay

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About your people

Everything’s tailored towards the wellbeing, growth, employability and enriched lives of your people

CareerJay leverages 90+ years in the career industry, everything we've learned plus international research on the future of work. We are driven to help your people achieve respect, purpose and happiness at work. Together we can get there

Knowing their options

As the robots rise and automation takes hold, you want to know where your people best fit and how you’re going to blend your humans and machines. Change brings opportunity and you see the potential to achieve business benefit and leverage this shift to gain market share . Knowing your people’s strengths allows you to see what could be next

Identifying essential skills

What sets us apart from machines and each other is our soft skills. Things like emotional intelligence, creativity and the ability to dance make us exquisitely human. Supporting your people’s learning, verifying their skill levels and sponsoring their self-development is key to reskilling and upskilling them into work that will engage and fulfil them

The human touch

Technology is great and it allows us to scale things we never thought possible, But the thing we've been told the most is how much your people want to speak to someone. A real live human being, who can help them with learning journeys, wellbeing, or their work options, and who has the time and interest to understand them well enough to give them informed support

Exploring your hiring possibilities

You’re looking for the right people to help you meet your business goals and stakeholder agenda. Ready to broaden your search, you’re seeking to include individuals from different social-economic backgrounds because you want to build rich inclusive teams of diverse humans. You know your current recruitment avenues don’t produce the people you want, so you’re planning to try something new

Focus on sustainability and social value

The world and our impact on it is vitally important. It’s critical we all find ways to support those around us to meet their personal SDGs and increase our commitment to providing social value; even when we're not being regulated and no-one’s watching. Sponsoring people less fortunate than ourselves is just one of many ways we can help you validate what you’re doing in this area

Maximising your potential

Ultimately you want to be a great organisation and a top employer. You committed to championing your people to do good work, work that means something, and that makes them feel alive. You want to support them to be autonomous, you want to help them achieve mastery in their job, and you want them to feel deeply connected with your organisational vision and purpose, so together you can achieve more. And we want to support you to do that