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We're looking for people with the following expertise and content to provide their services to our international membership


Career and Life coaching, Executive coaching, Team and organisational coaching, to work with individual members, employees of client companies and to run team and group events.


Meditation, Yoga, Retreats, Events, Counselling, Courses and/or Workshops, that focus on being active, connection, giving, mindfulness, learning or financial wellbeing


Podcasts, Courses, Articles, Journeys, Workshops and Events, to support our members and member companies to reach their potential, particularly focused on soft skills aound the WEF skills for the future


Run your business within our business

Our technology is not only free for you to use, we also match and introduce you to our members, so you never need to worry about marketing yourself or your services again

No more marketing

Get paid to deliver your skills to our members

We have an audience looking to enhance their career prospects through wellbeing, soft skills and smart development pathways. Free to join, CareerJay gives you the chance to spend your time delivering your expertise, in the way that suits your life


You’re a great coach and get great feedback on your work. You deliver almost all your coaching online and you’d love to be doing more to support a higher number of people. Your key issue is not being able to find and connect with enough clients


Phenomenal blended courses are your byword. It’s like you were made to support others through their learning journeys. You’d love to be able to get your (mostly) soft skills courses in front of more people and help them grow


With a keen interest in learning, development and assessments, you facilitate people’s growth and self knowledge journeys to enable them to achieve more of their full potential. You’re comfortable delivering your services online


Life is invariably not changed by one single thing, rather it’s changed by a sequence of things, akin to a journey. You’re able to help an individual map a unique path, utilising a combination of coaching, learning, events, assessments and activities


We work with individuals and organisations and your opportunities will reflect this. If you have current clients or know of people who might be appropriate members for our system, we offer commission on successful introductions


There are a variety of ways you support people with their wellbeing. These might include: processes; meditations; exercises; coaching; and retreats. Your key issue is around visibility and being able to attract enough people to see what you do


You have your own assessments and you facilitate other people's You enjoy helping someone see their potential and then facilitating their development. You often like to offer this alongside courses and coaching.


Once you've agreed to work with one or more of our members, use our proposal builder to document the work you're about to undertake together. This not only keeps track of what you're doing, it links to our payment service which ensures you get paid


Get paid each and every time you deliver something to one of our members. We make qutomatic payments direct to your bank account, so it's easy and stress fee for you to receive your money and you never have to chase or ask us

Help people move away from old, outdated methods, or crossed fingers to create ongoing security and contentment. With your support, CareerJay lets members assess and enhance their real currency and build competencies so they provide more value to their employer and more happiness for themselves

Easy to use

Work from anywhere you find wifi

Work when and from where you want, as often or as little suits you

  • Event software
  • Ticket booking system
  • Video software to deliver coaching, counselling, facilitation, workshops and more
  • Ability to see client member profiles
  • Proposal builder tool
  • Option to work with companies and or individuals
  • Sales commission for introducing clients
  • Free and easy to use Prompt payment

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