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Our mission is to help over a billion people maximise employability, find work happiness and have more fun!

We're a smart (insight and behaviour driven) career management solution. Our members are employed, self-employed, entrepreneurs, gig workers and or digital nomads. Knowing their professional currency and keeping it valuable, is key to being sought after, and knowing themselves is key to a more enriched and rewarding future


You’re a great coach and get great feedback on your work. You deliver almost all your coaching online and you’d love to be doing more to support a higher number of people. Your key issue is not being able to find and connect with enough clients


There are a variety of ways you support people with their wellbeing. These might include: processes; meditations; exercises; coaching; and retreats. Your key issue is around visibility and being able to attract enough people to see what you do


With a keen interest in learning, development and assessments, you facilitate people’s growth and self knowledge journeys to enable them to achieve more of their full potential. You’re comfortable delivering your services online


Phenomenal blended courses are your byword. It’s like you were made to support others through their learning journeys. You’d love to be able to get your (mostly) soft skills courses in front of more people and help them grow


Anywhere there’s a stage or a microphone, you’re there ready to take people on a journey. Whether that be wellbeing, soft skills, motivation, inspiration or something else, you’re fabulous at running events and are comfortable delivering them on and off line


Life is invariably not changed by one single thing, rather it’s changed by a sequence of things, akin to a journey. You’re able to help an individual map a unique path, utilising a combination of coaching, learning, events, assessments and activities

Now is not the time to rely on old, outdated methods, or crossed fingers to create ongoing employability. CareerJay lets members assess and enhance their real currency and profile themselves so their employer, their clients and their peers know exactly why they’re the right person to work with

Our vision

"Because you want to help more people"

We have an audience. You provide career or wellbeing services, or create content. Let’s collaborate

Our Luminaries cover the whole spectrum of career and wellbeing services: coaching; soft-skills facilitation; personal branding; profiling; content creation; event management; and more

If you supply a product or a service to individuals, that supports or enhances their career or wellbeing, and you would like to be part of the only whole life platform that puts its members at the heart of everything it does, we should be working together

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