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Expand your horizons and your profit

Best-in-class membership software for you, your clients and your customers



Play a substantial part in supporting local business

Equity shareholding | Growth business | Leadership opportunity



Play a pivotal role in supporting your industry

Equity shareholding | Implement knowledge | Industry innovator



Introduce us to business you think is a fit

Commission payment | Ongoing potential | Unlimited earnings



Drive traffic to us using co-branded marketing

Earn rewards | Dedicated marketing | Unlimited potential


Use our technology to earn kudos and cash

Organisations around the world are crying out for the solutions we offer. Help us reach them faster by working with us to get the message out. We have our key partner models. Choose the one which is the best fit for you...

Let's work together

What we look for in a partner

  • Want to make the work experience better
  • Have a focus on DEI
  • Think every individual has both untapped potential and the right to be happy
  • Have connections locally or in a sector
  • Want to offer their customers a better service
  • Know the value of holistic development

Case study

Nellie was a senior leader at GE and has a passion to develop people to reach their full potential. Most recently she was a speaker at COP27

  • 2022: registered as a CareerJay Luminary
  • 2022-2023: coaching our client's employees
  • 2022-2023: project managing a complex CareerJay client account
  • 2023: signed partner referral agreement
  • 2023: acquired first clients in UAE and SA
  • Future: CareerJay's territory partner for South Africa

Getting started

How the partnerships work

We spend time with each of our partners ahead of creating any kind of agreement to make sure we share the same values


How you want to work and how we can best work together to meet our individual and combined objectives


Create contracts so we both have the security and peace of mind of knowing how we're going to work together


Work together to make the partnership successful and profitable for us both

Email us now to get started

Email us now to setup a conversation to talk about partnership options - we're looking forward to hearing from you!