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We want you to succeed

CareerJay exists because every person's ability to grow and develop matters


Idea was born!

Spring 2020

Started development


Launched invite only version for select individual and business clients


Seed investors

Optimising our own careers showed us there was a better way of working

At our heart is a love of people. At our point of expertise is an understanding of the future of work. At our soul is a passion to serve you

Having collectively worked in the career industry for over ninety years, working in: recruitment; executive search; coaching; career services; and human resources, we knew things were broken and somebody needed to fix them. You know what they say: if you want a job doing, do it yourself. So we did! We strive every day to make CareerJay better and we work tirelessly to help you optimise your career so you don't have all the struggle we had

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Our focus

Is to provide an inclusive service

It's not enough to encourage the best and the brightest. The future of work is about harnessing everyone's greatest potential for the good of your organisation and beyond


Interactive options to support everyone's favourite way to develop and build skills in a constructive and positive way for you and people


Having seen people lost or unhappy in their career, we understand the mental and day to day stress that this can cause, hence our approach


Our solutions are built around you or your people, to unlock opportunities to everyone, creating a new and beneficial horizon for all

You are the new Amazon

You are for people and their careers, what Amazon is for products
What shaped CareerJay

Our key considerations

There were about a gazillion things to think about and possibly as many as a zillion things to plan. The three things that underpin them all are

Your privacy

To enable us to operate as a business, without compromising (selling) your data, or continually bombarding you with adverts, we opted for a subscription model


We want CareerJay to be available to as many people as possible and for everything within our ecosystem to be accessible, so we created a tiered affordable pricing structure


We took everything we knew optimised careers, and put it all in one place - saving you oodles of time and effort, not to mention exponential costs - to create the rounded ecosystem you see today

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