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Led by humans

Beyond coaching we help your people build skills to meet your business' biggest challenges and goals, to keep you compliant, growing and profitable

Expanding what's possible

Calling smart employers

More than a digital ecosystem, CareerJay's 'Just About You' (JAY) methodology blends coaching, workshops and OKRs so your organisation can soar

It's time to take your company performance to a new level

Partnering with conscious companies to support and develop their people

Supplying flexible interactive and innovative options, tailored to individuals, teams, and entire organisations

Integrates with 100s of systems

We work better together

Flexible Development Pathways

Built with business and individual objectives at their core

Better Mental Health

Wellbeing solutions that encompass everything from yoga, to meditation, to financial wellbeing

Build, Assess & Develop Competencies

Keep moving forward on a competency matrix to achieve new levels of skills and outcomes

Increase Organisational Skills

Use a structured approach to build out the right skills to meet your organisation's goals

Track Mandatory & Statutory Requirements

Keep ahead of all your compliance and regulatory needs with our easy to structure and read reports

Autonomous Development Budget

Give your people the ability to make their own decisions by giving them flexible wallet spend

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Provide solutions that are inclusive for all your people by giving individualised support

Self Discovery Journeys

Let people go on their own journey to discover and develop their career within your framework

One system

Single platform efficiency

Choose a self or house managed option, blended with autonomy, to give your people access to everything they need to develop hard and soft skills. We give you full access to our soft skills content and experts, and a private gated area to build and display your hard skills solutions, all in one place

Organised record keeping

Management systems & reporting

Helping you meet your business and regulatory obligations via simply presented complex reports

  • Manage statutory, mandatory and development pathways
  • Filter via person, department, location and skills
  • Exclude people on long-term-leave
  • Manage deadlines and timed development
  • Easy to use and read

How we engage your people

Free trial sessions with coaches and counsellors, tons of free events and content, and a wide variety of topics, keeps people coming back for more, time and time again. Where else can you do an MBA in downward dog, while you're eating a popsicle!

Our vision is simple –To coach people to build the right skills in a way that supports them and you

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Changing the way we work for over a billion people, one person at a time